Why does my monitor not get any signal after startup?
This error can occur if the monitor is connected to the graphics port of the mainboard (in the upper part), but the PC has a dedicated graphics card. Use the graphics port that is positioned furthest down. Depending on the connection type, you may need to use an adapter to operate your monitor.
Why does my PC have less hard drives than specified in my order?
During transport, the cable connections of the hard drive may come loose. Please check them. If all cables are connected correctly, please try the following: Right click Windows icon / Start icon -> Computer Management -> Disk Management and initialize and format the hard disk there please.
Why does my system make loud noises during startup?
Your PC may have transport protection, which must be removed before use. First switch off the device and disconnect it from the power supply! To do this, open the case and remove the transport protection. This will not void your warranty. Alternatively, please check if the fans in the PC are running at startup and if a cable is blocking a fan.
Why is the reception of my WLAN connection very poor or not possible?
The WLAN reception depends on the location of your PC. If there are many walls between your PC and the WLAN router, the reception may be impaired. Please also check if the WLAN antenna(s) is/are installed at the back of the PC, you can find them in your mainboard or accessories box if available.
Why does my PC system shut down by itself?
If you have just received your PC system, please check whether there is any transport protection in the PC case. To do this, open the case and remove the transport protection. This will not void your warranty. Alternatively, please check if the fans in the PC are running at startup and if a cable is blocking a fan.
I received defective goods, how do I proceed?
If the goods you have received are damaged, please inform us immediately. You are welcome to send us a photo of the defective goods so that we can handle your case immediately.
May I upgrade or retrofit my system?
In principle, you are of course allowed to open your PC and also upgrade or retrofit it. However, this work should always be carried out professionally, as damage due to improper handling will void the warranty. When in doubt, always have your upgrades carried out by a specialist company or contact our technical department.
Where can I find my license key for Windows?
If you have ordered an operating system, it is pre-installed. The operating system is already activated. You can find your Windows license key in the mainboard or accessories box on the assembly sheet. The license key is digitally bound to your hardware and can be used for a new installation if the hardware remains unchanged.
I have a warranty issue, how do I claim my warranty?
You have a component that is definitely defective or your PC system is not working. You can contact us via the contact form by mail or by phone. We will gladly provide you with an appropriate shipping label. Alternatively, we ask you to send the defective goods free of charge, the address can be found in the introduction of this manual.
What should I consider for my water cooling system?
The water cooling units are already filled when shipped. If you have a water cooler for your processor, you do not need to refill it.
Is my PC ready to go right away?
Yes, we will prepare your new PC so that it only needs to be switched on. If, contrary to expectations, the PC does not directly run the operating system, please contact our technical department. ATTENTION: Some PCs are provided with an internal transport protection - this is clearly marked on the case. If you see such a marking, open one side of the PC and remove the transport protection. If you do not see any indication of the protection or have removed it, your system is ready to boot.
Can you return PCs and get your money back?
Of course you have the right of cancellation. That means you have 14 days after receiving the goods to return your order to us without giving any reason - we will then refund the purchase price. Please make sure that the device is in mint condition. For this purpose, please keep the shipping packaging of the PC.
To which address do I send in case of a revocation?
The return address can be found under point 3.3 Warranty in this user manual, or on our website at DCL24.DE/WIDERRUF. Please keep in mind that our website is currently only available in German.
How can I make a complaint about an item?
If your PC, individual hardware, peripherals or other accessories are defective, please contact our technical department by mail (reklamation@dercomputerladen.de) or by phone at +49 3435/9883828 (Mon-Fri: 10 am - 16 pm CEST/CET) before you arrange a return. Possibly the problem can already be solved this way.
What information do we need for a complaint?
Customer or invoice number (you will find these on the enclosed invoice) and a completed and enclosed RMA form with a preferably detailed description of the error. You will find this in your mainboard or accessories box. You can download the PDF file on our website under www.dcl24.de/reklamation.
What should be considered when sending in the product?
If you return your system, after consultation with one of our technicians, due to a technical defect or because of a revocation, please note the following. Please enclose the completed RMA form and a preferably detailed description of the defect. You can find your RMA form in the mainboard or accessories box or under www.dcl24.de/reklamation. If you have assigned a password for logging into Windows, our technicians may need it.
How do I package my PC for return shipping?
When returning the device, make sure that it is securely packaged for transport. Keep the original packaging and use it. If this is not possible, please contact us before shipping the device.
Why are my games slow or not starting?
It can be helpful to install the latest graphics drivers. You can usually find these on the page of the manufacturer of your graphics card (Intel, AMD or Nvidia). Information about the installed graphics card can be found on your invoice.
Where can I find my Windows drive?
When you purchase a system including the operating system, we install the operating system - including new drivers and updates. You may still need to perform small Windows updates. A data medium is no longer included with orders, as many systems now no longer have a drive and the licenses are digitally bound to the systems hardware.
How do I reinstall Windows?
Microsoft provides a program for the reinstallation (Media Creation Tool). This is available for download on the official Microsoft website. For this, you need an empty USB stick with at least 8 GB of storage space. Connect the USB stick to the PC, follow the instructions in the Media Creation Tool and select the USB stick as storage medium.

After creating the USB installation stick using the Media Creation Tool, the reinstallation is carried out as follows:

The USB stick created with the Media Creation Tool must be connected to the computer. Start the PC, press F8 or F11 at startup to enter the boot menu (correct key is also displayed near the manufacturer logo of the mainboard). There select the option UEFI: (The name of the USB stick). Now the installation of Windows 11 from your USB stick should start. During the installation you can enter the Windows Key. If there is no connection to the Internet, this can also be entered later without any problems. To do this, select the option "I don't have a key" during the installation.
Are software errors part of the warranty? My game does not run?
Software errors, crashes of individual programs without connection to the hardware, incorrectly changed settings in the operating system after receiving the product or errors caused by viruses are not covered by our warranty. To avoid such a software error, such an error should be excluded by calling us on the phone before sending it in. Of course, we will still be happy to support you in such a case and help you solve the problem yourself.
How do I clean my PC? How do I maintain my computer?
Before cleaning or maintenance, always switch off the PC and disconnect it from the mains!

When operating a PC, dust accumulates in and around the case over time, which can have a negative impact on the PC's performance and longevity. This is completely normal and cannot be prevented. Fans become significantly louder when they are dusty. In general, it is advisable to keep the PC away from dust, nicotine, moisture and animal hair. Do not use vacuum cleaners or compressors for cleaning, neither from the outside nor from the inside, as this can cause damage.

Cleaning the outside:

It is best to clean the computer's casing with a slightly moistened rag. Microfiber cloths are best suited for this. Under no circumstances should moisture get inside the case.

Cleaning the inside:

Opening the case is of course permitted and does not invalidate the warranty. We only recommend compressed air spray for cleaning all internal parts. Make sure to hold the cooler, fans, RAM and graphics cards with one hand to avoid damage. If stuck dirt has accumulated somewhere, use a soft brush to loosen the dirt. Never use moisture or cleaning agents.